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Guardianship and lineage

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  • Guardianship and lineage

    I was reading this posted by some user here. I have few questions...

    1) So if a guardian is preventing a marriage of a female under his care then his guardianship becomes null and void. What other things can null and void the guardianship? Like lets say guardian not fulfilling her rights, not providing basic necessities etc etc

    2) This mufti mentioned compatibility of religion and said there are other conditions of compatibility too like lineage. Does that mean jutts who only want to marry jutts and syeds who only want to marry in syeds are right as they look for lineage compatibility?

    3) What about those Muslim guys and families who reject girls for stupid reasons in Muslim community? Aren't they, in a way, spreading evil? What is the ruling on those people who reject good proposals for stupid reasons?

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    no one??


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      Marriages are always a Family Affair especially in well to do Families no matter where you go, it is not just lineage it is usually social status, lineage becomes an excuse!
      We don't see things as they are; we see things as we are!