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Do people who commit suicide really go to hell?

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  • Do people who commit suicide really go to hell?

    That's the popular belief in Islam but is their any basis in the Quran and Hadiths? Also why would G-d punish somebody for something they don't control, such as their brain chemicals?

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    This is is not a popular belief, it?s an authentic ruling. There is a clear Hadith in both Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim via Abu Hurera whoever throws himself down a cliff or ingests a poison or wounds himself with a piece of iron deliberately to kill himself will be subjected to commit same in the fire of hell for eternity. There are some other Ahadiees as well that I can only vaguely remember so won?t mention here.

    Quraan or Hadees like many other things do not specifically give any ruling on suicide committed by someone lacking mental capacity e.g severe depression, mental illness like psychosis or schizophrenia , dementia, intoxication etc.
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      The Prophet SAWS said that the pen has been lifted from the following 3 persons; the sleeper until he wakes, the child until he reaches puberty, and the insane person until he comes to his senses.

      String, the answer to your question can be found here...
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