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Father molesting his daughter

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    redvelvet some important points, thank you.
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      That?s heartbreaking.
      Is it pos for you to collect/keep DNA evidence, and go to police and register a case?
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        Originally posted by bourjois View Post
        What Islam says about this?
        not allow in islam


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          Well she has started to beat her parents & in response getting beaten up even more by his brothers. By hurting her parents obviously she is committing a sin but her situation is quite difficult too. She cant go outside, she has no idea what road they live on, whats happening outside the world, she got no money, no access, cant do anything on her own, not allowed to go outside at all, no support, no defense system plus the abuse she has been getting this whole time, no wonder she is doing what she is doing right now. They aren't marrying her either, they aren't looking but say they are just to shut her up. No one believes her that what she is saying is even true not even her mother & when she directly questioned her father, he made it a spiritual thing that she is possessed with something ( they contacted a peer too & that's another level of mental torture for her) hence she is talking such things just so the father gets away with it & the sad part is whole family believes him. What she has done is that she doesn't come out of her room when father is around, she has isolated herself. She is stuck & she is stuck sooo badd : (


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            Even if she herself is cut off from the outside world...surely there must be friends and relatives that visit the home. Can she not enlist the help of one of them?

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            She never had many friends to begin with in school just few and those that she had are married & are not even around her to help just like I am oceans apart from her. She dint even go to uni as her family thought that would be a waste of money and they rather invested money on her bros. All of them a losers and misogynists.

            The kind of info she shared with me is not such info she can share with everyone out there. Its not that easy to share such intense personal family info with anyone just like that. no one will believe her, her own faily never believed her. They sa fathers cant do such a thing to their daughters.She shared it with me may be she thought I will believe her. They don't have much of a social circle which is another reason of no proposals of her aur waise bhi jo halat uski family ne uski kardi he like she got no self esteem no confidence at all,She cries all the time. All she asks for is marriage because she thinks thats the only legitimate way out. I dont think any guy would marry her right now given her state. She has become so violent already.

            What I was thinking is to tell her that pressurize your family for marriage & if that doesnt happen then get your passport, if she got one to begin with, and try to run away. I can support her financially and will visit pak and stay with her for a while. Once her passport and everything is done she can come with me or I can find some guy for her may be till then she will be in sound state of mind.

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          bourjois This poor girl's ordeal is horrible. She is able to get the information about her condition and situation out right? Else how would you know what to post here?

          Here is my advice, since she is in Pakistan, have her or have someone else she can trust, contact Ansar Burney Trust. Info below:

          +92 21 32623382

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