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95% of sectarian violence worldwide focused on Shias only, reveals report

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  • 95% of sectarian violence worldwide focused on Shias only, reveals report

    Faction of sectarian outfits affiliated with LeJ also pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS) in 2017, which is expected to further inflame tensions in the region at large, underlined the Monitor.

    With Lej being at the 3rd place

    Nothing major has happened yet in this month

    Have to appreciate Imran Khan governance as the previous one has close ties with these groups and the Saudis

    Hoping he can manage to bring down the position this year

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    I think its been few years now that Moharram goes incident-free. But the year long incidents are worrisome specially against hazara community in Balochistan.
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      At least more 500,000 Shias have been massacred since 1980s from Syria to Pakistan. They too have killed sunnies in retaliation but to far far less extent.


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        What shias are doing in Iraq and Syria to Sunnies under the umbrella of Asad, Russia and Hizbullah is equally comdembable.... Thousands of Pakistani shiaas were sent to syria and iraq to kill sunnies there. Ever heard of the group "Zainabiyon" ( who has been fighting in Syria since 2011 ) ? Majority of the recruitment for Zainabiyon comes from blochistan's Hazara community and when people over there hear about massacres carried out by Hazara shiaas in Syria, the hazarawals become the target of Sunni attacks in Quetta. I am not into shia-sunni thing but there are some facts. If we want to maintain law and order in Pakistan, we really need to stop these shiaa groups from entering syrian and iraqi conflict. Let's keep our people away from Syrian issues.
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