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  • is it too late

    generally speaking is 30 to late to start a career ? to graduate have no work experience and then expect you ll land a job? what are the odds that you will? and how can someone enhance their resume without working ?

    given competition is incredibly tough and they ll be lots of people who will be younger have done other part time jobs hence will have better resumes etc
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    I don?t think 30s is late at all. Perhaps consider online courses if you have a field in mind. There are plenty of high quality free resources online to get you started. You will need to build energy and have discipline.


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      Ok, its never EVER too late to start something new. Ofcourse the dependency on your hard work increases. So it may suck more of your energy and time to get things accomplished. Never underestimate new learning or career switch. It can be a new amazing you!
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        It's NEVER too late to go after your dreams.

        J.K Rowling was 32 when Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone was published
        Harland David Sanders started KFC at age 62
        Robin Chase cofounded Zipcar at age 42

        There are tons more examples but hopefully this gives you inspiration.

        You can always do a co-op, internship or even volunteer until you work your way up to a 'real' full time job while gaining meaningful experience.
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          Good references. Jeez i cant remember any like that