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Anyone here who is a full time or part time teacher?

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  • Anyone here who is a full time or part time teacher?

    I am currently pursuing the CPA designation in Canada which if everything goes to plan should be achieved by Sept 2019. The next step for me would be to give one exam in the US and obtain the US CPA designation as well and then one exam in the UK with which i can get the ACCA qualification in the UK

    I personally don't think i am cut out for surviving and excelling in the Corporate World in the long run. Based on my understanding of the accounting job market in Canada, only 20% of CPA's remain in public practice whereas everyone else just goes and works a regular job in industry where they aren't really applying their CPA designations.

    The avg salary where CPA's tend to reach is around $100,000 plus. Sure some really bright CPA's who stick to the Big 4 rising up to senior managers and partners can make serious big money i.e. $400,000 to $1,000,000 but very few people get to this level and in any case it is a lot of stress and responsibility.

    Other CPA's have the option of establishing their own practice where they deal with small businesses and those practices don't make more than $100,000 but if you hire staff and get more clients you can make more i.e. $300,000-$400,000 but it is still the same stress involved in running a practice.

    My parents have now more or less decided that they will eventually down the line divide their time equally b/w America, Canada and Pakistan where they would spend the summers probably America/Canada and winters in Pakistan but knowing my mom i believe she will prefer to spend 75% of her time in Pakistan and 25% in Canada/US to enjoy quality time with my grand kids.

    My personal preference would be to be as close to my parents as possible especially given that my mother has Parkinson's and i want to be a helping hand to them.

    Hence i am now seriously thinking to move over to teaching in Pakistan after acquiring the accounting qualifications which i hope will add credibility.

    What i am thinking and planning is what i have seen and observed many teachers in Pakistan do i.e. teach their respective subjects in different schools and universities in Pakistan where they can plan time table style from morning to evening daily, these teachers also offer private tuitions to students and i know of one guy who is regarded as one of the best guys to teach ACCA and he charges Rs 100,000 a month in exchange for quality one to one time with students.

    But i know i have to make a lot of changes and improvements to myself and things to work on if i do go ahead with this further down the line.

    Will be interested to hear people's thoughts and their own experiences on what they learn't during their journey