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  • rasm

    is it a rasm to get the nikkah dress from the inlaws? or do brides usually buy their own nikkah dress

    not for the reception for the nikkah that takes place assuming reception will be held later
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    Rasam is served in wedding saddhis, but only after sambar. But need to consume with care if one wants to retain and chisel six pack.
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    • redvelvet
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      Not quite the rasam she's talking about, Southie Uncle. I would like to try sambar one of these days; I'm not too worried about my six pack.

    • Southie
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      You are welcome at our house, redvelvetu. Oifu will feed you.

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    From what I know based on sisters' experience, dont think there is any such rasm. Either way, these things are decided based on the mutual discussion of two parties. Whatever suits them well
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      My sister had her nikkah on the same day as the shadi, so she bought her own dress. The jora she wore on her valima was from her in-laws. And for the engagement and mehndi, it was from her in-laws.

      I was clueless about all the different rasams until she got hitched and even now I still can't keep them straight as they vary across families and cultural groups.

      If this question has anything at all to do with you (wink , then I'm very happy for you, Life01.


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        Congratulations to Life01 on this auspicious occasion.
        Why isn't the Dividend story among the featured threads?


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          It depends from family to family tbh. The only group I know where the guy's family always buys the nikkah outfit are Pukhtoon.
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            it varies from family to family.
            My sister's nikah and rukhsati reception were on the same day and we brought the wedding dress whereas my nikkah and rukhsati functions were on different days so my in laws brought the nikkah dress and for rukhsati we brought ours.


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              Also, in most urdu speaking families all dresses like nikkah, rukhsati and valima are from the guy's side and vice versa.