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  • This is bothering

    Me alot.

    so the situation is you have wedding dates set and its very soon. The guys father has a chornic condition for a while. All of a sudden you get a call from his mother that his overseas cause the fathers situation worsened he ll be there for a couple of weeks. his sister replies to your message. Your father messages him he sees the message but doesnot reply you see his online after that too. He does return your fathers miss call. I think anyone would have done that.

    Maybe iam overthinking but it really bothers me how he left for overseas so quickly and quietly if he really did and secondly how he ignored the message was online several times after that and had to be called

    whats he trying to say?
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    It's easy to tell that the errors in your post are typos. But if you were to edit it them, it would make your situation easier to understand.

    None of us an read his mind and give you a definite answer about his intentions. You will find out soon enough if there is any reason to worry or if you are overthinking this.

    His sister replied to your message, so that's good. At least someone responded from his family and you were not ignored by all members. It is also good that he returned your father's missed call.

    We don't know how critical his father's situation is. People respond to emergency situations differently. Some folks are not up to responding to messages right away during times of stress and there could be many things that need to be overseen. Maybe he was online but away from the screen. We don't know. The wedding date is around the corner and I'm sure the groom's side has also invested lots of time and money in this, so hopefully they will not call it off at the last moment. But if that should happen, a called off wedding is still better than an unhappy marriage or divorce.

    For right now, just show him your support. Be there for him. Ask him how his father's doing, how he is doing, and if there's anything you can do to help. Your parents will also get an idea about their intentions depending on their manner of response. Like I said, you'll find out eventually.


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      There should be more to life than just worry about rishtas, one should be able to find fulfillment and happiness in their own personal life. Find distractions, get hobbies. have a schedule, go for workouts, learn a skill, get a job, volunteer etc and then you won't obsess over little details. When 2 dozen people are involved in a relationship between strangers than more chances things will blow up with so many egos, assumptions etc.

      redvelvet would ask you to do Istikhara.


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        In such uncertain situations, it is wise to give the other side some time and space. Perhaps freeze all preparations until further notice. Such situations come with lot of financial and social pressures. Medical costs are a huge unexpected expense which can throw most people off-balance. I?ve seen people completely losing their mind for a while over such expenses. Then of course there might be huge social pressure to postpone wedding in such situations.


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          It?s Odd.
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