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Yet to be established vs established and settled?

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  • Yet to be established vs established and settled?

    Okay guys.. Lets say you have met the love of your life.. which of the following 2 scenarios would you prefer - and why?

    1) marry young (25-28) and work on this thing called life TOGETHER with your spouse - even if you're not yet fully established in life


    2) wait with getting married until you're financially well off and established career wise.. the catch is though that by this time you'll be 30+

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    Life Is Too Short To Wake Up With Regrets.Love the people who treat you right & have compassion for the ones who don't.
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      Without a doubt, the first option.
      Anything worth doing is worth doing well.


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        I used to be #1 hands down and no questions asked but I think it depends.

        For girls it's easier for us to get married when we're in school or just starting out.

        For guys it's much different. There's only a very low percentage of guys who would entertain marriage without a job or being somewhat settled into their careers.

        For guys, they need to know who they are, what they do and how much they make before commiting to marriage. I think being with a guy who isn't on track career wise or know what he's doing in life would be hard to live with. Not because I have a problem with him taking time to find something he likes and investing in his profession but because usually guys like to hustle then court for a relationship and if it's not in that order it can sometimes throw them off.
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          Number #2 without a doubt.


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            Harder for celibate people, if you already gettin piped it don't matter lmao.

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          Originally posted by peacelove91 View Post
          Okay guys.. Lets say you have met the love of your life
          With this situation, I'm sure the answer will vary with the individual's ambitions. Thats why we see both options happening in real life. Its never necessary that you get "well-off" after 30 only and even if you do, whats the harm?!

          By getting married earlier than that would be risking your career dreams fosho
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            I would want #1 but, given my circumstances, chose #2. It depends a lot on both families in terms of support they are willing and are capable to extend to the young couple and on the young couple in terms on how willing they are to tolerate some interference.

            Family`s support is like a car`s shock absorbers for a young couple. Marriage is like going to college. Very few students can afford college on their own when young and rely on their parents but must also then tolerate interference. Cases where families are unable or unwilling to support, and/or a student wants no interference, then he must earn enough first to pay for everything on his own which will take time. And there is always a possibility that by the time he earns sufficient money, he loses interest.


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                anyone would prefer 1 if they could..........
                Marr te gaye aaN ........per Chassss aaa gai A


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                  Life is not that simple! never was, and never is!
                  We don't see things as they are; we see things as we are!


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                    History is a great indicator of future so if the young guy talks a good game but his history is of getting fired or unstable jobs, does not seem organised, disciplined, has low emotional IQ and finds it hard to get along with coworkers than things wont improve for him. Most motivated people find fairly good success in early years. I see many unsuccessful people claim they have an amazing future ahead of them.


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                      2 definitely..

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