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    He probably eats pork. Then he kisses you. How do you deal with that?


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      Have you ever gone down on a girl and then kissed her?

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      Sushi > Pork.

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    Originally posted by spoko View Post
    I haven't logged onto this forum in a long long time. I do occasionally pop in here to read stuff just because some discussions are fun. So today I was looking for examples of women who married non muslim men and came across this old thread.

    i was kind of shocked at some of the opinions in there but it's almost 10 years old so let's hope people have changed the way they think. i was married to a muslim pakistani guy who married me for immigration and left me less than 3 months after landing (enough time to get a driver's license and secure a job). he's now happily married to his cousin and has a kid. after this whole situation just the thought of marriage annoyed me but of course desi parents never stop looking for rishtas so i moved to a different province on a two year job contract and i met a wonderful gora guy there (grew up in a small town, didn't even know what butter chicken or samosa was). we married almost two years ago. my mom made him repeat shahada and he did it to please her. he is christian but not very religious.

    we've been married for 1.5 year and now getting ready to start a family so i was googling other people's experiences on how they raised their mixed kids and i came across the above post. someone in that post mentioned that a believer has to be someone who believes in Allah, and his prophet (Mohammed PBUH). My gora husband believes the prophet Muhammed PBUH was real and he believes in one God. does that make him a believer? i was just curious if people are still as judgmental on this forum as they were back in 2009 or if they have become more tolerant ...
    I just had a quick look at the topic...I agree with many of the views there, particularly those relating to how a Muslim woman's marriage to a non-Muslim would not even be considered a marriage Islamically speaking. Otherwise, a Muslim woman's marriage to a gora husband as your topic title states is fine as long as he is a Muslim.

    For someone to be considered a Muslim, it is not enough to just believe that Nabi (SAW) existed along with believing in only one God. Otherwise, that would have made the at least the Jews of the time of Nabi (SAW) Muslim by default by that definition. But they did not accept him as a prophet therefore they were still considered disbelievers.
    Tell your assassin to aim for her head...because she doesn't have a heart.


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      You mean real girl or robot girl? just asking ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​