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Is it ever okay to yell at your spouse?

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    Originally posted by redvelvet View Post

    Yes, yes, chokers are all the fashion-rage these days. You must have caught a glimpse of them from afar and near....which I suspect is about as far as you got with this fetish.
    Nah i saw this on the social media, girls are whack these days


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      Originally posted by aqua70 View Post
      If you look to family guy for advice on women then sure.
      vut is this family guy? I only vatch taam and jerry like a good brown boi


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        This weird kink stuff that is getting more mainstream sounds like cracker BS.


        • third string
          third string commented
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          Do brown girls not like this kink stuff? I bet they do! Stop hating on white girls.

        • IsaidwhatIsaid
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          third string Stringy, I'm hating on white people. I'm an equal opportunity hater. Second of all...I'm not too sure. I'm sure there are some brown people that are into dangerous sexual kinks, but I do not think the prevalence is as bad as #ffffff people. Aunties haven't really gotten a hold of 50 Shades yet!