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  • Dandruff??

    Does anyone know a good home solution for dandruff in hair? Like a totka or something.

    Also do suggest a good shampoo/conditioner for the same but only if you have tested. No spams please

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    No response? Now only if everyone is bald or have Ashiwariya Rai hair


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      I have two suggestions :

      1- Apply Lemon juice mixed with oil on your scalp 15-30 minutes before every shower. Use any oil which suits your hair, I'd recommend olive or mustard oil because they suit me.

      2- Take a cup of coconut oil, put in a handful of neem leaves and some pure aloe vera gel. Cook it for 5 minutes Using double boiler method and use it twice a week. Apply it on your scalp for an hour or two before shower.

      Use whichever is easier.
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