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Married with troubles

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  • Married with troubles

    Hey everyone.

    i got arranged married last year and currently im living in Canada but my wife is back in Pakistan with my parents. Ever since i was a teen i was addicted to porn and i still am and i had this overwhelming fetish of having a wife more like porn star or a hot Bollywood actress. Now im a grown up man aged 30 and married but for so many odd reasons I haven?t been able to completely consummate my marriage because she?s extraordinarily religious and conservative whereas i am completely opposite. So, even when i tried I couldn?t do what normally a man do because my brain couldn?t accept such turn offs.

    i have tried discussing all my psychological and emotional insecurities with my wife but all she tries to do is to console me and ask me politely to come out of it slowly by trying hard to overcome such desires and try to think like a normal healthy mind. I have such dark fetishes which are more like obsessions to have a hot, bold, seductive, provocative and sexy wife with sexy dresses who grabs attention from anywhere she passes etc.

    Such overwhelming desires and fetishes turn obsessions have come to the point where im fed up with her and hardly able to give her time over the phone because no matter how hard i try she doesn?t understand the intensity of my such desires.

    Before marriage i was perfectly fine physically but after getting married i stayed with my wife for three months and later i flew back to Canada and now from the past four months i am having a severe erectile dysfunction and it?s been more than 4 months I haven?t felt any erection even after trying numerous ways. im struggling to understand whats happening with me and where should i seek help. This is the reason am here to ask for serious help and suggestions.

    please help.

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    You need to change your attitude towards life. Accept your new life and its rule.

    For the other problem - try Mejdol dates, gherkins and raw ginger.