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  • Rotimatic

    I need the deets. Whose got one? Reviews? Is it worth it? Give me the good, the bad, the ugly, plz!

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    I've never used one. But I did go thru a roti-making phase. And I threw in the towel too quickly. The funny thing is that I find it easier to make a stuffed paratha. Rotis, on the other hand, are less yielding. But I want to revisit the art. Call me weird but there's something kinda sexy about being able to make roti.


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      My cousin got one. And its really cool. I'm sure very handy for either the lazy bums or luxury lovers. He got it in the very begining when it was very cheap. Now its expensive. And I doubt if its worth it.
      Depends upon where you live. Like in my area getting a roti is not that difficult. Plus i'm not in that roti phase either. So you know yourself better. If you think the price isnt that biggy, go for it. Its worth for what it delivers. i.e. Garm-a-garam roti.
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        Now that I think about it, the rotimatic doesn't make stuffed parathas, does it? I was thinking of gifting one to my mum to take some load of work off her...and she said the rotis come out too small! I think it would be a great gift to a roti newbie.


        • SID_NY
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          Yes, the rotis are small but thick. No i dont think its parathamatic lol