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  • Hair growth

    Is anyone any authentic doctor who really help in hair growth and make it healthy through multivitamin. I hv seen multivitamin on internet who claims that it makes hair long as it hv biotin. No doubt hair growth depends on genes and yes I hv in my genes as my maternal and paternal side both ladies hv long hair. But my hair growth has stopped I hv tried many oils and tips. So plz anyone guide any Doc.

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    Re: Hair growth

    If you are facing serious hair fall issues then you must consult your hair specialist and physicians to get better treatment and to stop hair fall and get some solution for rapid hair growth.


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      Re: Hair growth

      That’s what I am asking any hair specialist in Lahore ??? Or hakeem who can help me


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        Re: Hair growth

        Olive Oil
        Coconut Oil
        Black Seed (kalongi) oil

        Are known to work.

        But since you are in Pakistan, you may have an issue getting a pure quality oil.
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          Hair loss can be prevented if you watch your diet and nutrition. While nutritious eating isn?t going to bring your hair back by any means, eating plenty of protein-rich foods and healthy fats can make the hair that you still have look thicker and shinier. You can also try different shampoo that can help in improving the health of your hair.


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            haha GS is the place where anyone can become an 'authentic doctor' at the call of a needy poster
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              Tharki khwateen-o-hazraat mutawajja hon:

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                Heard a lot about coconut oil. Try it!
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                  Castor Oil is thick so mix it with other Oils shown in the Video!

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