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  • Multivitamins

    Does anyone know of desi(gharelu) substitutes for multivitamins?

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    Applying the rule of cause n effect, you have to tell why were you suggested multivitamins at first. Desi totkas kick in for the symptoms.
    My degree of sarcasm is directly related with your level of stupidity.
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      That semolina dish with butter , nuts etc


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        Panjeeri is typically given to women post-delivery.

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      LP, go full blown Vegetarian. That includes fruits as well. Lot of it.

      Mashallah you are educated. you can pick which vitamins you need and which veges offer it
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        Originally posted by LP View Post
        Does anyone know of desi(gharelu) substitutes for multivitamins?
        The two most important vitamins one needs on a daily basis are Vitamin C and Vitamin E, because they build/rebuild the connective tissue in the body

        Like SID_NY said best source of Vitamin C and E is fruits and Veggies=

        Here are the top foods that are high in vitamin C.
        • Broccoli. ...
        • Brussels Sprouts. ...
        • Lemons. ...
        • Lychees. ...
        • American Persimmons. ...
        • Papayas (Pawpaws) ...
        • Strawberries. ...
        • Oranges. One medium-sized orange provides 70 mg of vitamin C, which is 78% of the DV (55).

        Foods High in Vitamin E
        • Wheat Germ Oil ? 135% DV per serving. ...(instead of Oil take the wheat Germ)
        • Sunflower Seeds ? 66% DV per serving. ...
        • Almonds ? 48% DV per serving. ...
        • Hazelnut Oil ? 43% DV per serving. ...
        • Mamey Sapote ? 39% DV per serving. ...
        • Sunflower Oil ? 37% DV per serving. ...
        • Almond Oil ? 36% DV per serving. ...
        • Hazelnuts ? 28% DV per serving.
        • Salmon 14% DV per serving

        Also stay away from Processed Foods!
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          May I suggest some Phakki ?

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            Good grief. Name aside, shakal se hi it looks shady.

            Please no phakki-shakki, LP.