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How you own movies these days?

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  • How you own movies these days?

    Why the hell world has changed so much in last few years.
    Yes I can watch stuff online But how can I own it now ?

    I know I pay for the rights to watch some thing, but they can take it off if they like.

    What happened to having your own collection of movies inside of your home, how it is done these days ?

    I don't see dvd players being sold these days?

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    Well now people do not own Movies because NETFLIX owns people(customers who want to watch movies) all people have to do is own the Pop Corn
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      I think I have to re-own a dvd player.
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        As you might know all the oldies from Bollywood from my favourites of "days gone by" from the 50's and 60's with Dalip and Meena Kumari, Nimmi etc are available for free on Youtube!

        However DVD player is a useful Tool too for the more recent hits of 70's and 90's. but can not find any decent story line in the more recent ones

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      Gone are the days i used to walk the aisles of Blockbuster and select the 4-5 dvds that i wanted to see over the weekend. We used to call it, blockbuster n chill, back in the days

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        Torrent it LOL or encode it and have an Xvid file..
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          Bingo. NomiCA has solved the mystery.

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        But I dont watch pirated movies during ramadan
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