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Do you ever get sick of desi food?

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  • Do you ever get sick of desi food?

    Like yall eat it everday and go to desi restaurants every week and it's the same stuff.

    I'm so glad I'm whitewashed and only eat goray food now.

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    How do you give up the beautifully seasoned desi food and move on to being happy about eating unseasoned and bland gora food (excluding pizza or some ****)? Do you like casseroles or something?

    Anyways, no I don't get sick of desi food. I don't only eat desi food so I don't get sick of it for that reason, but even the label "desi food" encompasses so much.


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      Yes, it happens. Gotta change it up once in a while. Sometimes in a Desi dawat you find yourself gravitating toward the pasta and other non-Desi dishes more so than the salans, lol.

      Who eats at Desi restaurants every week? That's rather unhealthy. :-/


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        For anything eating out or bringing in, I keep mixing it between desi and afghani. We have some very good afghani places here. And then a meal here n there with fast food, its all good.

        I'm still not over the fact that Taco bell has stopped Nacho fries. Man, that was some addictive thing
        We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star." -- Stephen Hawking


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          puttar third string nashukri nahin kartay

          food ho, desi ho ya walaiti, chup kar ke Allah da shukar kar ke khaa lo

          rabb raakha

          Jugni ja varee school, Pichay pae gaye desi fool,
          Oh kehndi "only JaGGa is cool, Oh karda mere heart nu rule"
          Veer mereya oh Jugni.