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  • Terminator 6

    Paramount pictures has started the shooting of Terminator 6. What would you like to see and what will disappoint you?

    While I don`t think Terminator 2: Judgement Day could be surpassed nor do I mind special effects but at least hope they will stop compensating for deteriorating storyline with special effects in each new movie of the franchise.

    Also I?m hoping for once Arnold not to kill himself at the end of the movie. But I guess that is too much to ask.

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    Wait, were there terminator 4 & 5 as well? Holy smoke! Never knew
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      Agreed T2 was defo the best one. I still remember watching it in theatre with school pals.

      I think its too early to talk about T6 but its good that are rolling it on.
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        Yikes. I can only remember the first one in the series and that, too, only vaguely. I didn't care to watch the rest. There's a Terminator attraction at Universal Studios that gives me the creeps.

        It creeps me out.


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          I haven't seen it yet will try then would see how good is this movie...
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