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    Does anyone else think that the quality of coke studio is decreasing more and more every year? The new singers don't have as much as talent as the ones before them like noori, Ali Zafar, etc. It's left with people like Asim Azhar, the paki Justin beiber, and this lame rap group named lyari underground.

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    Ok, great topic. Now here is the thing.

    Coke studio was initially run by Rohail Hyatt (the one from vital Signs) till season 6.

    And he put a whole lot of great effort in that.

    And then it was taken by Strings. And I know they are working hard on it, but in my opinion they have ruined it. They do get some popular hits by whats the ratio in total songs? 1 out of 10 may be. Thats poor.

    One thing thats noticeable is that it looks like Strings are bringing in a lot of Parchi singers. Like they are not that good enough to sing the master songs originally sung by iconic singers.
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      Now its not strings........its new production team..from what I know.....the Noori guy..

    • SID_NY
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      O man! I didnt know. But its a bummer. I have very less expectation from noori. He gotto learn singing first before doing anything else

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    Well this year they're bringing Krewella, they're this half Paki half white edm duo from chicago, so lets see if they can make it better.


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      I think it is very good to introduce new or hidden talent of Foke artists singer .
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