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  • MoviePass

    If you enjoy movies you gotta have moviepass ( .
    I've had it since March and have watched 20+ movies for just $9.95 per month.

    Their business model is crazy and they are losing millions of dollars per month. I have no idea how they plan to survive.
    I'll just enjoy them while they are still around.

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    There gotto be some catch, some strings. May be they are using the contacts list for some other purpose, who knows.
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      There is no catch. That is why they are losing $40 million per month.
      It may already be too late for them


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        How to get this kind of pass to get to any movie that you would love to watch..
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          Just download their app and sign up. They will send you a debit card in the mail. Use their app to check in to a movie at a theater. The debit card will be loaded with the price of the ticket and you can use it to buy the ticket.


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            I've seen these offers doing well in other countries.

            They have some restrictions though, maybe that's why : you have to subscribe for at least 6 months, basic offer excludes avant-premiere, events, special projections. You have to pay for online reservation and extras (3D, Imax,..). Starting price is also higher.

            I guess that's how they are able to break even.


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              I've been using them since the start...(since they set the price to 10$) just getting my card took forever...honestly...I am surprised they lasted this long...the idea is good. But last 2 months I haven't been to the theathres...thats free 20$! for them lol..I think they should only implement it in certain cities (LIKE NYC is so expensive its prob not worth it). But I think the main thing is after its done they have all this user data they can sell and recoup to Netflix/and move producers.

              40 mill a month for like 2 years of data? go back and sell this stuff for some 5 billion!
              omae wa mou shindeiru


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                other countries like what?


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                  I went to movies with friends who had this pass but they were unable to use it and had to buy tickets. Read the ever changing terms and conditions carefully before purchase. Many theaters are declining it at whim.