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Pakistan Vs India | Asia Cup 2018, Match 5 | at Sharjah UAE, 19th September 2018

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    Whoever thought or said Pak should have bat second against India should watch what happened to Bangladesh.

    They got annihilated by Afghanese and could make meagre 119 runs chasing 255.

    Pakistanis better wake up now
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      Originally posted by Mostar95 View Post
      Is that a dot ball played by our openers? We need to get off to a fast start, Mostarji
      Why isn't the Dividend story among the featured threads?


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        Originally posted by Pakistani Prince View Post

        Spoke like a true Indian.... #liars #hypocrites
        True Indian my ass. You know full well Pakistan match fixes everytime they play against India. Someone made Pakistan win the Champions League. Because THERE IS NO way in HIGH HELL that pakistan made over 300 runs against India then played like **** in the Asia cup! COME ON! Use you brain for once.