The two molars on my upper right jaw have been crowded for a decade now. I remember my childhood dentist observing my x rays and telling me about the possibility of alignment issues as an adult. He said that the way they're growing they'd eventually start pushing against each other and cause pain in the years to come. All sounded like big fancy words until now: the exact same thing is actually happening now.

I consulted two dentists, one suggested a root canal. I gave her the blank stare. You've got to be kidding me. That?s what they say about doctors, they?re getting dumber by the decade. The second one suggested my worst nightmare ? braces. A fraction brace just for the molars. The misalignment looks nowhere as bad as it feels. My entire face hurts and at this point I?m considering a third option: removal of the entire tooth. And getting a golden colored crown over it. Classy I know. Probably going to end up going with braces. Who knows how they'll fit the wires in? As of right now even floss can't pass through.

And the blog wouldn't look as good without a picture or two. So here we are. *Inspired by members who share pictures on their blogs*

It doesn?t make me feel any better knowing that insurance won?t cover a dime. Got an appointment next week, until then I have to take medicine to prevent infection. Amoxicillin - yup the same antibiotic for virtually every problem. I could break a leg today and guess what my next prescription is going to be?

Man, toothaches suck. Dull and lingering. I wholeheartedly regret telling people with a toothache to just ?take care of your teeth more? and ?go and brush?. It?s not that simple.

Sympathy please.