Emma is leaving, she is going back to the UK. I feel a little sad, those of you who know me know I have had an on again / off again relationship with her. She lived and worked in Melbourne, but whenever she came to Sydney, she would stay at my place. We have known each other since our medical school days. I know for a while we both thought we were meant for each other, but later realised it was not to be. She has her reasons to go back. She has not got many friends here, and most of her family is in the UK. May be realising this little thing between us will not substantiate may have been a reason as well. She was the closest I would have gotten to in terms of marrying a gori, and I don't think it will happen now.

I dont have any friends here, i know i will feel sad after her, but then I am used to of loneliness, but then again i have already decided to find a good girl and settle down. May her leaving will help me in some way moving forward and look around, and hopefully fine the one someday.