So one of the receptionists I got is an Afghan girl. She is quite pretty, and very good at heart, but the issue is she has a fiesty personality. She has a strong accent, despite being very fluent in English, and this may be due to her native language Dari, which is even stronger dialect wise than Pushtu. Many patients perceive she has been rude to them, which I do not think is the problem.

She is quite independent, does two jobs and has her own place and car. She also has lot of self respect, everyday in the morning I give her money to get some coffee, of course for me and herself, and she almost always buys coffee for me in evenings, from her own money, needless to say I earn at least 20 times more than her.

She does not come across as most respectful and obedient employee, but when I think about it, she has never been disrespectful towards me, almost always obeys my instructions (even if grudgingly) but can be at times unknowingly uncooperative i.e. once mentioning she does not feel right in charging patients higher fee when I increased my fee for private patients. There are other issues, and she is my least favorite receptionist among the three I have. Yet I admire her other qualities like independence, self-belief, punctuality and untamed nature.

Problem is I now have got two Google reviews about my practice specifically mentioning her as being disrespectful and rude towards patients. I am not sure if I want to fire her. I don't like sacking established staff unless its very necessary. I know her nature as well, if I talk to her she will not accept she has done anything wrong (Which is not entirely untrue), it is just the way she speaks and interacts. Its difficult to fine tune her communication skills at this stage.

I am still contemplating what to do?