This is the end of my personal journey that started in Glasgow, Scotland 14 years ago. I met Imran Khan in 2004 and was immediately taken away by his views, his ambitions and most importantly his self-beleif. Lot of water has passed under the bridges since then. From being an active overseas UK member and donator to a disgruntled disbeliever who had his doubts (and for valid reasons). But Alhumdulliah, after watching his speech tonight, all my doubts have been erased and now I am as excited, as hopeful I was 14 years ago when I first met him.

Who knew this journey of belief, self-doubt and then back to belief that started 14 years ago in Glasgow, UK will end at Lakemba, Sydney, in Australia, thousands of miles distant in space and several of years apart in time . Yes I just attended the PTI's victory rally in Sydney, literally at the other end of the world.

This is so surreal.