I never thought I would love the DIY so much. I moved into this house two months ago, and I have done so many things I never thought I could do! And I am not talking about things like mounting TVs or changing light bulbs. I made a list of things I have done since 11th May:

1) Assembled and started using petrol run lawn mower, line trimmer and blower/vac

2) managed to climb up the palm trees with safety gear and shredded down old and dead branches with a hedge trimmer

3) managed to remove cracked tiles, cut through grout, replaced tiles and put new grout and tiles in (without cracking any of the existing intact tiles)

4) replaced one plug wall socket with four plug socket

5) replaced kitchen sink tap

6) replaced one of the bathrooms taps, soap dishes, loo roll holder etc

7) installed a Muslim commode tap in one of the bathrooms

8) replaced curtain railings in all rooms

9) put together dozens of flat packed furniture

10) put down rubber flooring in the garage to turn it into a gym and put together a power cage

11) cleaned the pool with a robotic pool cleaner (believe me i had never heard of it before)

12) wall mounted paintings, hover, clocks, tvs, security system, intercom etc

I even learnt how to cut through the dry wall in order to conceal cables and getting access to power cables to install new power outlets

I am sure there are other things which i have missed from the list but yeah, love the DIY, got all sorts of power tools in my shed now....

And my sister in law has suggested me open a new handy-man come doctor business, with slogan, 'for all your needs, health & house!'