This weekend was a bust in terms of dating. I had two dates setup and one of them, the Lebanese guy, cancelled on me again. I deleted his information. He no longer messages me and although he agreed to go on a date that day, he later cancelled saying a work issue came up. It was early in the afternoon so I felt he could have met me later that evening but nope. All he does is reply to a text of mine if I text him otherwise its complete silence on his end. Not chasing a guy. He wanted me to drive to him and I am not doing that anymore. Then the other date which was supposed to be today, he never tells me he is on his way or anything. Completely disappeared. I went to a restaurant and told him to meet me there after I'd be done and he agreed but then never contacted me. *sigh* It's okay because this weekend has been fabulous in terms of exercise and dieting.

I started going to the gym again. I'm only doing half an hour on the treadmill currently but I need to build up my stamina with that. I bought a 5 lb. weight and I felt it was heavy. *smack* Can you imagine? A 5 lb. weight is heavy to my arms. Sadddddddd. It doesnt matter, I want to use it atleast 3 times a week to do different free-weight exercises. I started my diet again. The Munni diet but this time with three meals a day. Usually only do lunch and dinner but I am incorporating something light for breakfast because I feel I can use the energy. If it means slower weightloss I am okay with it. I have been feeling energetic since starting the diet. Alhumdulillah. I feel better after going to the gym so I want to keep it up. It can be a struggle getting through the 30 minutes but I tell myself to keep going. I can see results in the mirror from my better eating lately. Maybe not so much on the scale. I have this orange juice habit that I need to quit. It's a lot of sugar and not good for me to have it as frequently as I do. I've replaced soda with orange juice and this is the result. I'm excited and hope I can keep it up this time. Insha'Allah.

In terms of cultivating my personality I ended up going to the bookstore today. I got dressed up and wandered on over to the store, took two health and diet related magazines and sat there and read several articles. I was reading about the Blue Zone diet. The Blue Zones are areas where people live unusually long lives and the article mentioned their diets and lifestyles. The article mentioned five blue zones around the world in particular and mentioned the staple items in those areas and some of the activities the population took part in. It was interesting to note the differences and some of the diets surprised me, particulrly the Costa Rican one because of all the carbs in it. I want to incorporate atleast a little of it into my own diet routine. It was intersting and now I can discuss this topic with others if need be. Win, win! *smile*

I took the job that is further away. Will see how it goes. These days I have not been staying at my jobs very long so I dont want to say anything to myself about that. I will just do and hope for the best. I'm excited because there are two aspects of it and they are both totally different things. One of them I have a great interest in and the other one I dont really have feelings either way but I want to do both to the best of my ability.

This week I hope to focus on work. Just work and exercise/diet. No guys. Yay! *smile*