I've interviewed for some positiions and have one interview left before I decide between three likely positions.

The one I am concerned about is the one that offers an annual salary, involves sales, and they are offering me 1% on commission. They sell in volume but I feel that 1% commission is pretty low. If I sell 25K in a month for them, I am making $250. That is not even on-par with one of my previous jobs where the company wasnt even as successful as this one. For that company I'd have made $1,200 bonus for 25K in sales. These people are chinese and friends have been warning me not to work for chinese people. I dont really understand why because I thought Chinese people are generally hardworking and calm.

I like the other job offer better but its far. Mainly highway but far. It's not an hour but its still far. This other job is only 10 minutes away.

Then there is the other job I will be interviewing for, and its similar to what I did before, the one I got laid-off from. I told my mom I wouldnt work for that industry again and maybe I should stick to what I said but I want to go to the interview anyway.

Never went on the date with the Lebanese guy. He cancelled till next week. I asked him if he still desires to meet and he said yes and asked me what prompted me to ask him that. I'm looking forward to meeting him. InshaAllah.