I quit my job two days ago. I have no other job lined up but I did have a second interview lined up for a position closer to home. I think they are going to give me an offer by Monday but if they dont I am in huge trouble. *blush*

I spoke to "H" and either he was not in a good mood or I dont know what the case was but he said something to me that made me cry later. I want to avoid him for now. I had to meet him to get something from him. It's just like I said, I love him but I no longer desire to be with him. He wont be interested either way, but I am glad I realize he isnt right for me. His behavior is a constant reminder that he isnt. I suppose in a way its a good thing he talks to me the way he does sometimes because its like YES, so glad he walked away.

I went on a date with a Pakistani guy. His photos were blurry or far so I couldnt make out his face before meeting him. We met up, ate at a restaurant then went for a walk. Let's just say he is not my type. I felt he was not as tall as he said he is. He was maybe an inch taller than I am but he said he was several inches taller than me. Hmm. He told me at the end of the date that I am the serious type. He made it clear he did not like the seriousness. No, actually I am not the serious type. I am serious when I dont feel a connection, this is true. I cant even help it, I end up being more serious on dates I dont feel a connection with and that actually tells me how I felt about the date. I dont even have to wonder what I felt about the guy, I have to only see my own behavior.

He said he wanted to kiss my cheeks and hug me when I was leaving but he did not attempt it so I thanked him for being a gentleman and drove off.