His first message to me was "are you real"? I found it funny because when I saw his profile with lamborghinis and other vehicles I was wondering if girls may wonder if his profile is real or not. I have found that some guys post vehicles they like and not vehicles they actually have, in order to attract women.

He is around 5 feet 10, muscular build, is Iraqi-Irani, cute and is a business owner. I was exchanging texts with him for a few days. I liked how he was speaking to me via text and felt that this is a mature guy. He told me right away that he has a 5-year old and asked if I am okay with that. I said i am fine with it. I didnt know about custody or any such issues and I did not want to ask at that time. He told me that on the past Monday he was going to go see his family in another state. I did not hear from him from Monday till Friday. I thought either he is busy with family or he lost interest. He then messaged me yesterday and apologized saying he was busy with family. I asked him if he had plans for the weekend and he said hes free that evening. I did not plan on meeting him but I knew that I had no plans so I agreed to meet him.

I told him that I like driving by the beach at night and he lives near the beach so he suggested I go to him. I live far from the beach but I decided to go because there isnt much to do where I live. I drive a lot for work and didnt want to drive but went anyway. My GPS stopped working and I got lost but eventually found him. I went to his place of business and from there we headed out to eat because I told him I hadnt had dinner yet. At dinner he explained a lot about his past and his ex-wife and what happened. She was Afghan and he told me that when I told him I am half Afghan that he was very hesistant about meeting me. He got married as a teenager so it was one of those "got married so young without knowing about compatibility" situations according to him. His daughter called while we were eating and I got to hear how he was with her. He was gentle and playful. I found out that she is staying with his parents currently but he is moving his family to where he lives so she will be with him. His ex-wife prefers she stay with him because he can provide her a very good living. Mash'Allah.

We discussed his profile and I told him that I dont really like his profile but what made me want to meet him is how he spoke to me. He was laughing and told me why he made the profile the way he did. All of the cars were his except the lambos. He's silly.

We then went to the beach and he told me more about what he is looking for and he spoke about his ex and showed me a picture of her. I told him she looks like Miley Cyrus to me. His ex is quite fit and here I am, miss fatty. *sigh* He himself has a muscular physique. A nice one. *blush* Something I noticed about him is that he wouldnt stare at my body. He was very focused on my face and I liked that about him. He did not give me any compliments but I knew he was having a nice time because he told me he was having a nice time. It's funny becaue before I met him I told him that I rarely go on a second date with anyone and he kept reminding me of this. "IF we have a second date I will plan it really well and I think you will have a nice time." "I dont know if I am going to get a second date with you but I'd like to know more about you." He was sweet. He made me laugh and I felt comfortable with him. I liked that he talked a lot. He did most of the talking infact. He did sometimes interrupt me but its okay.

We sat on the beach and looked at the waves. It was nice. I didnt want to leave but he said that we should get going as it was super late by then. I dropped him off as we had come in my vehicle and he asked me if I will be seeing him again. I said yes. *smile* He told me to text him when I get home to make sure I got there okay. Nice touch.

I had a great time with him. He is into so many things and we share that in common. We are both highly ambitious individuals. Family is very important to the both of us. Religion is very important to him as it is to me. We are both working on improving our deen.

He told me that he isnt going to waste my time if he finds out something about me that he doesnt find acceptable. I feel a bit nervous about this because I feel he is specific in what he wants and I can easily be let go. I know this is the situation with anyone that you date. Something can be a dealbreaker and suddenly you find yourself dateless. He made it obvious however. He's very straight-forward. In some ways I would have preferred he not put it out there so bluntly but I suppose it is a reminder that nothing is certain. Only time will tell if someone is the right person for you or not. I have not mentioned my dealbreakers to him yet.

I have a date with The Chef this weekend. This is going to be interesting.

Will see what happens. *smile*