I have ruined things with The Chef. He basically said goodbye and I texted him if that was it. Will see if he even responds but I am pretty sure hes done. Never got a chance to meet him thanks to my outburst. Gahhhhh. I'm not going to fret over it too much. I knew I should not have texted him at that point but I did anyway. Maybe I was meant to, obviously I was because I did it. If he is willing to walk away over that then so be it. I am a little sad that I didnt get to meet him but he had a lot of things about him I'd want him to change which he himself said he'd change but after marriage.

I am learning to be content being by myself. Family is thousands of miles away, I hardly know people here but I know that Allah is always there. When I have nobody else to talk to I have Allah to talk to. When I have nobody else to confide in, I have Allah to confide in. When I have nobody else to share my sorrows, I have Allah to share my sorrows. I've learned so much from my mother whom I believe has always trusted in Allah. She is an amazing inspiration to me and she always reminds me that Allah does for the best. Remember that Munni, Allah always does for the best.

I need to be content in my current situation. Patience is a virtue.