This was an older guy I decided to meet. I had no idea how old he was because he put a certain age in his profile and the picture he had was just one and it was kind of far but he looked older than what his profile said. We had actually planned to meet about two weeks ago and then I did not hear from him the day we were supposed to plan something so I thought he decided to pass on meeting me. He messaged me yesterday to ask when we can meet and I knew I had tonight available so I said so.

We met at an arab restaurant that he picked out. I picked one out but it was permanently closed so then he chose one. As soon as I got there I saw this older gent waving at me and I was like, UMMMMMM, is this the guy? He looked almost 20 years older than the age he listed. Its possible he is someone who looks a lot older than he is and I know that can happen so I wont say anything further about it. He looked surprised that I was in hijab and asked me if people give me an issue due to it. I told him that I am in hijab in my photos so I am not sure why he looked so surprised. I ordered the shawarma and he got chicken kabobs.

So we are talking and I am asking him questions, laughing at some of his jokes and in the middle of eating he asks me a certain question. He goes, "on a scale of 1 to 10 how stubborn are you?" He had previously told me that I look like I can be stubborn. I admitted I can be. I have no idea how to rate my stubborness because I feel it has gone down considerably since I was a teen. It hasnt left the building and it likely never will but I do feel I am better than I was before. Alhumdulillah. I decided to say 5. I felt I have an average amount of stubborness perhaps, maybe even less but I felt 5 was a safe number to go with.

I tell him 5 and as soon as I say that he stands up from the table and pronounces that it was nice meeting me and he has to leave now. He didnt make any show of wanting to atleast pay his part of the bill or anything of the sort. I was flabbergasted. In the middle of it all he got a phone call so there I was looking absolutely stunned and trying to avoid looking at him while he is on the phone because I am so embarrassed by the whole scene. He then sits down, finishes the call then gets up again and starts walking past me as if hes leaving and then he bends down and whispers to me that he is going to the restroom. That he was kidding. *Grrrrrr* He then said, "I scared you didnt I?" I was just floored. Absolutely floored. This huge scene and it was a big joke!!! Before I knew he was joking I was thinking in my head wowwwwww this is the first time this has ever happened to me and I figured I'd just pay the bill and leave. How embarrassing!

He then comes back and asks me if its okay to order some hookah. I tell him I need to leave in 30 minutes to head home and he says hookah needs atleast an hour so then he asked me if I want some tea. At this point I just wanted to leave but I agreed to the tea. We spoke a bit more and then suddenly hes looking at this couple that came in. An arab couple I believe. The girl was hijabi. He tells me he knows the guy and that the guy is a big liar. He then asks me if he should tell the hijabi girl that the guy is a liar, that he needs papers, etc. I was like NOOOOOOOOOO. I dont know what was with this guy wanting to create scenes. I told him what are the chances shes going to believe a complete stranger in the middle of a restaurant and hes like well I would have done my duty of telling her and its upto her to believe me or not. Oh my goshhhhh, I was like what have I gotten myself into on this date!!! So finally he calms down and says hes not going to say anything. This is after trying to bet me $5 that if he said something to the guy, the guy wouldnt say anything back because he knows this guy I was on a date with. I didnt even know what to think at this point except I want to go home immediately.

Finally the date ended and I offered to pay and was hoping he agreed but he said no you can pay for the next date. *smack* Suffice it to say I will not be going on a second date with him.