We spoke a bit online via messages and then he called me. He is arab and said he is a chef. He owns a restaurant in a different city about two hours from me. He is 6' 1", very attractive and easy-going. He has a slight accent which I think is cute. We have not spoken much and I actually prefer it that way with him. He is planning to get a hotel tomorrow to come meet me. He doesnt want to drive back the same day. I always feel awkward when guys do that because I never know what to expect or if they are going to ask me to go up to their room or something. Awkward! I made sure to tell him that I will be going home after the date. I dont want to give any wrong impressions. I infact told him we can both drive an hour and meet but he doesnt want to do that. In a way I am glad but what happens if we meet and he doesnt like me or I dont like him? Now he has paid for a hotel stay and well, I guess I shouldnt think too much about it. It was his choice and I did offer another solution.

He is funny, makes me laugh but is a bit sure of himself. I asked him why he is single and he said that nobody he has met has made him want to explore further. I told him I rarely have a second date with someone. Will see how it goes.