He seemed quite nice and friendly over the phone. He was not someone I had a physical attraction to but I decided to talk to him regardless. We had a long phone conversation and then he suggested we meet at a buffet. First he offered to pick me up and take me to his favorite buffet over an hour away but I told him I cant because it will be too late when we get home and I have work in the morning. We meet at the buffet and I automatically feel that he is very nervous. He was not saying much and when he was talking it was completely random stuff that was not making a lot of sense. It was like he was a completely different person than the one I was talking to on the phone. I tried to make small talk but wasnt feeling it. He did not like the place he chose to eat because the food was not that good. I hardly ate anything. He then asked if I wanted to go see his work and since it was still early I said okay sure. He showed me where he works and then he tells me he is going to show me this tree in his yard. He told me the story of how he got this tree and I was thinking to myself why did I ever agree to see his work. *smack* I got terrified all of a sudden because I am like he is taking me to his house! NOOOOOOOOO! I thought of different ways to get out of the car if I had to but he just showed me the tree and took me back to my car. It was soooooo bizarreeeeee. He was talking about his ex most of the time and what happened with her. You could tell he was still angry about what happened. He started saying how now he doesnt care what he does. Like he said he could fart in the car infront of me and he wouldnt care. *smack* I was like GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! I did not say it out loud. He dropped me off and then suggested we go on a cruise or do something fun together, not as a date but as friends hanging out. I think he knew I was not feeling it because he made it very apparent that I can have him as a friend and he wouldnt try anything if I were alone with him.

Let's just say I was glad the moment I got in my car. It's strange to me how normal he sounded over the phone and then in person it was a completely different situation.