This is what I deal with sometimes. A conversation with a Pakistani guy, 30 something. I was trying to be serious here but how can I with these types of conversations???

Him: Hi, where are you from?
Me: Fine, I'm from blah blah
Him: Do you have more photos?
Me: I prefer to talk first before giving out more
Him: I need to know you are real
Me: Im real
Him: There are too many fake profiles here
Me: Im not one of them
Him: You are gorgeous (MashAllah). Please get to know me.
Me: What do you seek here?
Him: A relationship.
Me: What is your idea of a relationship?
Him: Are you interested in me?
Me: We just started talking.
Him: It seems like you dont like me.
Him: I will love you.
Me: You dont know me well enough.
Him: I think you like me.
Me: I dont know you.
Him: Know me.
Him: Send me more photos please.
Him: I love you
Him: Urdu main baat kerlo
Me: Pagal hain aap.
Him: Thora sa
Me: Nahin, bilkul.
Him: Kitna sona tenu Rab ne banaya
Him: I know you like me, what if I say I like you?
Him: Mein pyar ka dewana ho, bhag ker shadi ker lo.
Me: Yeh tho mei dekh rahi houn