A few days ago I joined a second dating site. I will likely be deleting one soon. I will decide which one in the coming days. One is more culturally/religiously appropriate and the other one is not.

Today I went on a date.I do not want a second date with him. No chemistry and I ended the date early.

A guy had a single photo posted to his profile. I asked for a second and he sends me two where he looks around 20 years older than his profile photo. *smack*

Guess who messaged me? The trauma surgeon that I went out with a long time ago. Asked me for a second chance. I had to say no. That did not end well at all and I still remember the things he said to me.

Talking to a few different people. Will see what happens.

Some rules for myself:

1. Always ask upfront what guys are looking for and explain what I am seeking.
2. Do not share stories about previous guys I have seriously dated. Atleast not early-on.
3. Ask guys if they practise their faith
4. Ask guys to send another photo because sometimes the ones they post are older or not accurate enough. It's no wonder some ask me for more photos off-site.
5. Do not talk about my self-confidence and self-esteem issues early-on. Perhaps never might be a good idea.

I may add to this list in the future.