The Punjabi guy sent me some fairly explicit song videos on youtube. Indian songs. I felt something is wrong that he is sending me this. It was out of character to me from how he had been talking to me so I decided to reassure myself of his intentions. I asked him directly about intimacy and expectations. From his answers I asked him if he is seriously looking to get to know me for marriage. He said he is not ready for marriage. And that was it. We parted ways. I dont know what happened. My gut told me something is off so I asked and atleast I got to know the truth early-on. I suppose it worked out for the best. Onto the next one. *sigh*

I've tweaked my profile so that I have made it very apparent that I am looking to get married. I am wondering if I should tell guys upfront that I am not looking for a physical relationship before marriage. That way I dont waste their time and vice versa.