He is 6 feet tall, has sea-green eyes and has a stocky build. He looks Italian to me, and has a babyface. We only exchanged a few messages and I was already telling him that I am not sure I want to continue talking because of his schedule. He works nights currently and I told him that I want to be able to meet and communicate with someone when I get home from work. He can text me but the problem is that it will be near impossible to meet except on the days he has off. He was like, Munni, you are already trying to end things before they begin. *smack* I was being honest. *snooty* He had to be at work at a certain time that night and he offered to drive almost an hour to come see me and stay till just before he had to leave for work. I thought he is crazy to do so but he offered so I said yes. *grin* We met at a cafe and talked for about an hour and a half. He has that face where you cannot tell what he is thinking. I had no idea at all what he thought of me for most of the night as he didnt give me any compliments till just before he left. We spoke about our past relationships and jobs and the like. He then left for work and I went home. I admit I got a friend vibe that night but I didnt mind meeting him again.

The next morning he asked me if I wanted to meet up. I told him he is absolutely crazy to want to drive almost an hour when he just got out of work and must be really tired. He said he wasnt tired and I had nothing planned so I agreed to meet him. This time we spoke for about 3 hours or so. We met at a cafe and then I told him I am hungry so we went to a restaurant where he paid for my meal. I liked that he is a gentleman. He opened the door for me, got to-go boxes for me, helped put food in them and carried them to the car for me without me asking anything. A lot of different things were discussed and I was brutally honest with him about a few things. For one I told him that I cannot stand smoking so any guy I am talking to will have to work on quitting if he wants to continue talking to me. He said he wants to stop and will try if he is asked. I then told him that his job and living situation is not condusive for getting married. He agreed its not. I felt kind of bad for saying that but I felt that any girl will be concerned about this. He took it all in. He then had to go home to sleep so I said bye and headed off. This time he did not text me after and I dont know if he is ever going to speak to me again at this point. Maybe he didnt like what I said. I didnt mean to be rude, I was trying to be realistic.

So here's the thing. This time I did not get just a friend vibe. I couldnt look into his eyes that long because I started feeling shy so I kept looking away at intervals. He has a cute smile/giggle. He seems like nice caring guy. I wish he talked more but he admitted he doesnt talk a lot so I had to do a lot of the talking. I dont know if this is going to progress or not. I feel he is not in a situation to get married anytime soon. Do I ignore this fact since I work and have my own place? How important is it? I dont know if hes even going to talk to me at this point.

On a side note, Henry never contacted me again.