I dont know what to think of this one, I really dont. We ended up going out tonight instead of tomorrow night. I was bored at home because I dont have internet at home till I think tomorrow so I messaged him. He said to meet up at a coffee place so we did. He is tall, dresses well and was decent looking. There was some sort of vibe but I couldnt pinpoint what exactly it was. He has had a CRAZY life. I dont know how he keeps sane through all of it. Sibling died, dad has remarried atleast 7 times, he himself is going through a divorce (he married at 19), he has several young children and a few other things going on. I feel like any woman that attaches herself to him is going to be dealing with a lot of drama.

Despite all that I enjoyed talking to him. We went to the coffee place for about two hours and then we spent another two hours at Denny's. He is very talkative, which I of course like. He is full of stories from when he used to drive for Uber and Lyft and he is also quite compassionate. I like his views on the elderly and on helping people in general. He only has a highschool education but he makes a good living, although he says hes broke due to all his expenses and he does pay child support. It's just a hodge-podge of stuff with him. What people will consider A LOT of baggage.

By the end of the night I wanted to hug him. *giggle smack* I dont know, he just has this draw to him. I dont know if its the confidence in his talking skills or his funny stories or his positive attitude despite all his issues or what but something made me want to hug him. Crazy I know.

He was a gentleman, paid for everything, held door open, etc. He smokes, which I made it clear I did not like and which he himself said he didnt like that he does because its an expensive habit. He kept saying things like, "I got you". It made me laugh. He has a brown belt in karate.

I told him I am taking my time, meeting people and he said its good I am doing that and getting out there. He encouraged me to take my time and not rush things with anyone. He wants to take mt to the movies this weekend.

I dont know what to think of him at all. I think my family will not be thrilled with the fact that he has 3 kids. And young kids at that. I'm not even 100% sure I will want or have kids so sometimes I think maybe I should go for someone who already has them just incase. Then I think no I dont want someone who has kids cause I'd like my own one day, insha'Allah. I dont know what to think. He has made an impression on me, I'm just not sure what type.