Oh boy. Yesterday I was looking at different profiles of users and suddenly I come across someone I know. Here's the thing. He is married!!!!! Gahhhhhhhh. He is Indian but not muslim. Very friendly guy, and offered to introduce me to his wife when I used to work for the same company. My previous supervisor did not like him. I couldnt believe it was him so I looked at the photos a few times and it definately looks like him. Could it be someone using another persons photos? How likely is that? I dont know his wife but I do know his brother as well. Hayeeeeee. Thank Allah I no longer see this person regularly. I wouldnt be able to keep a straight face when talking to him.

Just last week I saw one of my previous boss on it as well. He has a girlfriend who is pregnant. It's scary the amount of ppl that have someone in their life but are still looking for others. It could be old profiles, who knows, so maybe I shouldnt speculate.

Meeting someone tomorrow insha'Allah. He's Palestinian but he looks Pakistani to me.