It's not easy communicating over the net. This used to happen to me before and its happening again. I will be talking to someone perfectly fine and then I say something in response to a question or statement the guy is asking and suddenly there is no more communication from them. They drop like flies. I am starting to have a different take on this.

Before I used to be sad or panic or wonder what I did wrong that they suddenly stop communicating with me. Now I am not as bothered as I used to be. I figure if someone mistranslates or misunderstands what I am saying and decides not to contact me any further to clarify or in general, then so be it. Who wants to be with someone who 1) gets offended so easily 2) doesnt understand that I joke around sometimes 3) doesnt understand that the internet is not always clear about by emotions that I am expressing.

Case in point happened the other day when I told a guy that he looks like many other arab guys. I think he probably translated that as, you are just like so many other arabs when infact all I meant to say was that he looks like many arab guys I have seen before. He never contacted me after I said that. It's okay. At first I was like whattt, now I am like whatever. Another guy I was talking to last night suddenly hangs up the phone while I am discussing my weight. I think to myself either his phone battery died or he didnt like my weight that I was mentioning. I wrote to him, no reply initially. Then he writes back this morning hat his phone died, so I joked that its his fault that I thought he hung up on me. He took it seriously as if I have an attitude and told me that he isnt going to contact me again. What??!!! I was joking! I know its difficult to read humor over a message but if someone is going to insist I was having an attitude then there is no point in trying to convince them otherwise. I told him I was joking but he didnt reply after. I am not going to be sad and pout over these incidents or misunderstandings. If a guy doesnt want to come around and try to understand then that is his choice and so be it. I need not dwell on it like I was earlier this morning.

I spoke to a Persian guy who messaged me today and I asked him immediately if he is muslim. He said his parents are but that he is not. I then clarified that I only date muslim guys. He then proceeded to ask me if I am going to go on a date with him or not. *smack* I had to clarify again that I will not be.