I dont get it. I cannot tell you the amount of guys that have muslim names, are from muslim countries but do not consider themselves muslim. I have spoken to around three guys lately and this has been the case. Today I met a Persian guy. I actually went with him to his job interview lol. He asked if I wanted to meet him there and for whatever reason I agreed. I did not have much to do because my job start has been postponed to next week. Incidentally, he didnt want the job after the interview. We went to get something to eat after, well he ate and I just had a soda. I found out that religion did not play a role in his upbringing and he does not follow any particular faith and religion is not important to him in general. That is all fine if that is your choice but then why did I meet him grrrrrrrr. I really really need to start asking guys about this early-on. I wonder what has happened in society that so many people raised in muslim countries or from them have decided to turn away from faith. I may not be the best muslim so perhaps its not the best thing to wonder about this but it suprises me.

I was talking to another guy afterwards via messages who is from Jordan and I thought he is muslim too. Turned out he is Christian! He told me that he knew I will think he is muslim but did not clarify until I specifically asked him if he is muslim or not. Ladies and gentlemen, if its important to you, do ask early-on.