Yesterday I ended up staying at a hotel because I had a free night to use by today or I could not use it. I have to tell you, eventhough this hotel is only a few miles from where I live it has been an absolutely great experience. To be away from the place that I have felt so much heartache recently has been such a refresher for me. It amazes me the affect that a one night stay has had on me. I did not have to worry about running across that person I am now avoiding and I realize that distance will have a positive effect on me. I did not miss him, I did not desire to run into him, I did not care. I felt great. I ate out, I even met up with a punjabi guy and we had a nice conversation although I did not feel I'd want to take things further. It was a nice time that we both had and he wants to be friends. I did not discuss "H' with him, which was an improvement compared to my last encounters.

I feel refreshed. I know I will be able to handle this now. I know I can move forward. I am so glad that I did this, Alhumdulillah. It feels like a mini-vacation. A getaway.

I spoke to a guy and he was making me laugh on the phone. He has several dogs and a goat and chickens and he was telling me their stories. He is Iraqi. The only thing is that he is not my type in terms of looks. I am not going to base my decisions on that however. I will definately consider meeting him but I dont know if he got offended by something I said last night. He said he'd call me back and never did. *smack* if not then its fine.

The lawyer texted me to ask if I wanted to meet yesterday. I did not reply. I think he understood my stance. I feel bad about it but I dont regret my decision.

I am staying out most of the day as I want to drive around before my job starts later this week. I found something temporary so its a little scary because I dont know whats going to happen after, but everything is in Allah's hands.