It was Sunday and I texted the lawyer and asked what time he can meet. He told me he is busy and wont be free till the evening. Around 9pm he said he should be done by 11. At 11 he said 11:45 and then at 11:45 he said 12:45. *smack* He asked me to stay up if possible. I am normally sleeping by then but I decided to make an exception and meet him super late. I thought he was busy at work on a project and I wanted to get the meeting over with. I found out he was out with work colleagues and they were discussing work plus other things. He did offer to meet Monday afternoon instead but I decided to meet that night.

We met in the parking lot of a restaurant and then decided not to go to that restaurant as he was not really hungry but I was. The moment I saw him I realized something. There was no chemistry at all. He's an attractive guy but that does not always translate to chemistry. He looked similar to his photos. We drove to a cafe nearby and sat there and talked. I was not comfortable because I felt he was a bit abrasive. A bit guarded, and he kept telling me that I am so dramatic. I am not sure what he felt being dramatic is. To me I was not being dramatic at all. Now that I think about it, if anyone was being dramatic it was him! He then told me he was tipsy but that he rarely drinks and that he is still mentally functional. He was nice enough but I was not feeling the vibe. We spoke for over an hour and then he wanted to have a smoke so we went towards the car. I dont want to be with a smoker or someone who drinks alcohol and I did not know he did both. We spoke some more but nothing of real substance I felt. At the end of the night he gave me a hug and asked if he can hug me a little longer. *smack* He sped off and I have not heard from him since.

It was a big disappointment for me because I felt we got along just fine on text. I think he was a bit nervous and maybe thats why he was behaving the way he was or maybe because he had been drinking earlier, I am not sure. Do I think he liked me? He did not compliment me but if I had to make a guess I'd say yes from some of the things he was saying to me. He said if he was not having a nice time he would have left earlier. If that was the case I dont understand his behavior and why it was so different than how he was on text. I dont get it. Either way, I dont plan to stay in touch. I slept so late because of that.

I feel he was different on text and different in-person. This has happened before which is why I feel meeting in-person is so important earlier on rather than later. I do wish him well in his quest.

Meeting someone this week. We are going to stroll the mall and have a drink there.