Even before I started dating again I was starting to lose weight. Alhumdulillah. This whole dating thing has provided more motivation for me. I now walk about 2 miles a day, atleast 3 times a week. I want to bump that up and completely cut out any snacking. Eversince I got laid off of my last job I have rarely been snacking, so that is a positive effect of leaving the company. My biggest issue is soda. I keep having it and today I am going to try not to.

I need to lose around 40 lbs. That is a lot. I can still lose more but I want to see how I look after 40 lbs. loss. I've had a gym membership for about a year now and I have been maybe 5 times total. *smack* Definately going to start that up again. I wake up early so I am thinking of going before I head to work or right after I leave work in the evening.

There was a time that I was 50 lbs. heavier than I am now. That was in grad school. It's crazy to me that I was once that weight. I'm guessing once I lose 40 lbs it will be crazy to me that I was once this weight.

At the gym I want to work on my arms and building strength in my legs.

Happy dieting and exercise!