The first time I communicated with him was sometime last year I believe. He had contacted me on one of the dating sites I was on and despite me eventually giving him my number, we never ended up meeting. Something felt off about his photos, and I could not put my finger on it. This week he contacted me again and asked if we can meet. He said he remembered me and I had remembered him as well. I saw his profile and recalled that we had spoken before. He seemed to be in a hurry to meet. I spoke to him on the phone and I dont know why but I have never been keen on meeting up with him. This feeling remains even till now. I infact agreed to meet him and when I did he asked me something very peculiar. He asked if I wanted him to send me his photo so I can see what he looks like.

I told him that I have already seen his photos on his profile. He then wrote me a very lengthy explanation of why the photos on his profile are not of him. Apparently he got involved with some lady before and he didnt know she was married and her husband showed up at his work and drama ensued. He said now he doesnt want someone lying to him again and having to go through that so he uses fake photos. He then went onto explain to me that he makes alot of money working for Google and he cant risk drama again and getting fired. At this point I was very uncomfortable. He sent me his actual photo and I had pretty much decided by then that this is going to be too crazy for me so I told him that he is not a bad looking guy but I am going to have to decline meeting him. He seemed offended and said that he can offer me everything that a man can offer a wife including financial security, etc. I told him that there needs to be a mutual desire and I hope that he'd find someone soon. He then said he wanted to meet up as friends and I told him I am not looking for friends at this time. I found him to be very insistent and pushy. I dont like that. He kept pushing the fact that he makes a lot of money. That is not a main reason why I will like someone. Here's my thing, if you dont want to show yourself to the world, why not just make your photos private or mention in your profile that you will provide a photo upon request? To me its not nice to use someone elses photos, who may not even be aware that their photo is being used.

I will not be contacting him again. I feel bad for what he said he went through but to me his approach now should be different than what it is. Dont use other peoples photos. Especially not several photos of someone you are not.