I am so stressed right now. I have been binge eating the entire day almost. Infact I had so many different snacks today that I wasnt even hungry at dinner time. I am finally getting hungry but now I dont know if I want to eat this late just before sleeping. I dont want to but I dont want a headache in the morning either.

Today started off with nacho chips, ground beef, sour cream, guacamole, and juice. Then I had two slices of chocolate cheesecake. This was all before 10:30am. The rest of the day included chips, caramel popcorn, candy, and beef jerky. All because today was supposed to be the day I find out the fate of my department. That did not end up happening as the meeting never took place, which resulted in my supervisor being upset and feeling like the higher-ups arent as concerned about our department as they should be. I am sooooo stressed out right now. There is not much I can do. If I look for other jobs I cannot go to any interviews because I dont get home till the evening since I work far from where I reside. It is a waiting game. I will find out by next week what the decision is going to be but I'd rather find out by tomorrow. Need to be patient I guess.

In other news, all this binge eating lately has caused me to gain weight. It's upsetting. The only good thing is that I have been cooking lunch lately. Today I did not want to come home and cook but since I am cooking for my supervisor as well I knew I had to do it. I could have gone to some restaurant and gotten him food but then it isnt what he is paying me for, and I cannot afford it anyway. It's dinner I tend to eat out and I need to curb that to not that often a week.

In other other news, I might go out with my coworker this weekend. She is the one I think is bi but she behaves like my bodyguard and like a wing-woman at the same time. Ready to introduce guys to me. She is not muslim but she is very friendly. I feel like I need a girls night out.