My supervisor is a white American fellow. He normally brings things like turkey and crackers or chicken and something fairly healthy like apples for lunch usually. After about a month of me eating out and realizing that I do not care for most of the restaurants near my work I decided to start bringing my own cooking. The first time I brought some home cooking my supervisor mentioned to me how he loves food from my part of the world. I told him I'd bring him some of my cooking next time.

One day I took a naan that I had bought from the store and some karhai gosht that I had made. It's a recipe that I had come up with. He commented how his meal was enjoyable and that he was feeling the endorphin release. Mash'Allah. *giggle smack* Anoher time I brought him some aloo keema. He liked it and I took it the next day for him as well and he mentioned how it tasted even better the second day. I told him that often happens with our food as the spices get time to settle in.

He then told me that he is willing to pay me to cook food for him. At first I thought he was joking but he was serious. Someone is willing to pay me for my cooking! Hawwwww! *faint* I couldnt believe it. He asked me how much I'd charge and I had no idea because I'd never done this before. After some going back and forth on pricing we have agreed to a meal plan for him and he is paying me a month in advance. It does not require daily cooking as that will not be feasible for me but its something I usually already do. Thankfully my mom taught me to cook for a minimum of 4 to 5 people so any dish I make is usually too much for me to eat at once. This is the first time that I have offered a meal plan to anyone. It's exciting and a little nerve wracking at the same time. I asked him what if he doesnt like a particular dish I make and he said it is fine and its simply a part of trial and error with meals. I like that he is being very cooperative. So far I have only made 3 dishes for him. This has resulted in a little pressure on me because usually I cook for myself and if I dont like the food I will either give some to my friend who eats almost anything or do something else with it. This makes me want to experiment even more but I feel I should experiment over the weekend and taste the food to see how it comes out. I wont always have the time to do that.

Others at work have started making comments on the food because my supervisor heats it up in the main office area and the other day one of the managers told him he liked the smell and so my supervisor offered him some food. He never got the chances to taste it due to everyone being busy but I am thinking of possibly offering a taste test. I wonder if anyone else will want me to cook occassionally for them. Even if nobody else does, its nice to know someone appreciates my cooking. Will see how this works and if it even continues. He can opt out at anytime. I hope he doesnt because this provides not only financial benefits but creative cooking benefits. *smile*