Hello friends,

I'm posting here after a long time. How are you all? I've missed you. Hope you all are doing great.

Update on my life - Alhamdulillah, everything is going well. I have a beautiful 15-month old daughter (Haania) who has brought so much joy and happiness in my life. Husband got a job in his field without having to do his Masters in Canada. We moved last year to a bigger house to make room for the little ones (my bhai/bhabhi also welcomed a baby girl last year). Youngest brother is the only one left single and we're currently in the process of finding someone for him. Mom/dad are well. Sis and niece too! I'm back to work and switched from firm to a gov't job - so much better here in terms of work/life balance and the overall culture.

On the downside, I lost a ton of hair after Haania's birth. It's growing back now but my hair is so thin and weak. I had to cut my hair short, hoping that'll help. I hope I can go back to my university days when I had waist length hair that was healthy/shiny. :/
I was in a minor collision last month but surprisingly the repair estimate came back too high and the insurance decided to write the car off. Totally unexpected. And have to look for another car now. Suggestions are welcome. I had a camry hybrid xle with sunroof, heated leather seats, alloy wheels. I loved that car. I'm looking for something similar - economical, midsized sedan, leather interior, sunroof is optional, reverse camera would be nice to have.

That's it.